I needed a youthful exuberant presenter for a recent series of events that could maintain great energy and deliver on brand and Chris filled the role perfectly. His enthusiasm, work ethic and consulate professionalism meant Chris was a complete pleasure to work with.
Kyd Douglas-Create Events
Visit USA roadshow
Chris Wilkins Chris Nelson Presenting Hosting Presentor
Extreme Robots - Chris Wilkins Presenting Hosting

Extreme Robots

As well as presenting the show, I was asked by the Roaming Robots company to create a script for their brand new production Extreme Robots live. This involved creating dialogue & characters which would appear on the arena screens and interact with the host appearing live. The show also has a story line for the "Extreme wars" in between battles which I developed with the Roaming robots team. The sell out tour continues across the country in 2017/18.

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